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Running Gait Analysis & Injury Prevention

Running Injury Prevention


Every year, more than 50% of runners experience an injury. Running is considered a high impact sport. And the risk of injury is greatest with a history of prior injury.


At Boone Wellness, we can detail the factors that contribute to higher injury risk. We can then make immediate corrections and provide you with your own pre and post running video.


Running injury prevention couldn't be easier.


Happy running! :)

Running Gait Analysis


Utilizing the same cutting edge system Olympic Medalists such as Mo Farah or Galen Rupp use, we can obtain personalized information about your:

  • Cadence

  • Flight time

  • Form

  • Ground contact time

  • Side to side asymmetries (left vs. right leg)

  • Stride angle

  • Stride length

  • Movement Patterns


We can then provide you with:

  • Biomechanical analysis

  • Videos of your run from various angles

  • Assessment of weaknesses and strengths

  • A printout of valuable information about your running pattern

  • A customized plan to improve imbalances

  • Suggestions on efficiency

  • Treatment for your running related injuries

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